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To Kill a Kingdom ; Review


To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo


First of all, let me just inform you that this book is a standalone (confirmed by the author on goodreads) let that sink in, a standalone fantasy novel. How many standalone fantasy novels have you read? In my case, none come to mind right now, so I’m instantly appreciative of this rare gem of a book. This stunning fairytale story is unexpectedly wrapped up within 400 pages, and it doesn’t feel rushed or cut off too soon at all, it feels like the perfect ending.

This book contains sirens, royalty (including a siren killer pirate prince), mermaids and a vicious sea Queen, everything you need for a daring sea adventure. There’s a slow and steady romance that builds up throughout the novel for all the romantics out three. There’s also an action packed bloody battle for the war loving readers.

I know what you’re thinking now is, so why 4 stars? Well there are a few little critiques for this book, as an action loving girl I found the second quarter of the book (specific I know) to be rather slow. The plot didn’t seem to be going anywhere fast and the book was easily ‘putdownable’ (not a real word, I know) but what I mean by that is that is the book at that stage wasn’t a page turner, later on I definitely couldn’t put the book down! Secondly, it’s difficult to determine straight away which character is the narrative of the story, a name above the chapter heading would have been an immense help. However once you came across a few names within the chapter you could determine the narrator. And lastly I have a huge distaste for the character ‘Flesh eater’ I don’t think he contributed anything substantial to the novel and so could have easily been left out altogether. The Sea Queen is enough of a villain without any horrendous hench men.

Overall, this book is a fun and feisty retelling of the story of The Little Mermaid, it varies greatly from the original story which To Kill a Kingdom a unique novel in its own right. It’s a glorious new book for your YA fantasy shelf that will sure to be a hit amongst readers this March. It is a well-written book with humourous banter throughout, the supporting characters have just enough personality and dialogue to keep them interesting as well as adding to the success of the book. The main characters, mainly, Lira and Elian have now been added to my OTP list, I adore this couple. They’re trust in each other is overwhelming and I crave for that in my own relationships.

If you’re contemplating buying or preordering this book, I wholeheartedly urge you to do so promptly, the book is available here. Anyone who does not read this novel will surely miss out on a fantastic fictional sea adventure.

I read an ebook version of this novel through Netgalley. Any links to Book Depository used in this blog post are affiliated links, meaning any purchases made through this link provides me with a small amount of commission at no extra cost to you.


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