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Fairyloot Unboxing: December 2017

Here is an unboxing of the December fairyloot.

The box included:

》The hardback uk edition of Everless, a story about a kingdom where money and wealth is measured in blood. I read this book as soon as my box arrived and I decided to give it 4 stars. The book started off with great potential, interesting plot, intriguing characters, with plenty of suspense and mystery. The only downfall was the sudden rush to reach the ending. The book is available here in hardback from Book Depository, also available in U.K. paperback and US hardback.


》A ‘royalty’ themed funko pop, I received Ariel who I swapped with a British bookstagramming friend for Rapunzel. There were a variety of pops, including Simba and Pocahontas.


》A prince candle by @acourtofcandles, of which there were various designs. I received Prince Adam a.k.a The Beast from Beauty and the Beast. The candle smells of Enchanted Rose & Sandalwood… love the scent!

》A gorgeous little notebook designed by one of my favourite artists @stellabookishart

》A handy pouch with a beautiful design.

》Themed artwork by  @taratjah

》And last, but most certainly not least, a stunning little keyring emblazoned with the words ‘Books Rule’ and a cute bookish design.


Favourite item:

The keyring is one of my all time favourite items from a book subscription box. It’s fun, cute and useful.

Least favourite item:

The notebook, it’s size depletes its ability to be very useful.

Fairyloot January unboxing coming soon.

Bookishly yours,


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