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Fairyloot Unboxing: January 2018

Here is an unboxing of the January fairyloot.

The box included:

》UK hardcover of the book; The Cruel Prince by Holly Black with signed book plate and authors note/letter. The book is available here in hardback.


》Pillow case by @eviebookish


》Magnetic bookmarks (Rhys & Feyre from ACOMAF) by @dreamyandco


》Prince Cardan candle by @merakicandles


》Double sided prints, quotes by @stellabookishart & Aelin and Rowan by @dianadworak

》 Prince Cardan print by @merwildandco

》Seelie lip balm by @geekyclean


》Faerieland colouring book by @omarabooks


》Themed artwork by @taratjah

Favourite item:

The pillow case, anything by Evie Seo is worth admiring. Her art is amazing and I wish I owned many more of her designs.

Least favourite item:

The colouring book, I’m very unlikely to ever open it.

Marks out of 10:


March fairyloot unboxing coming soon.

Bookishly yours,


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