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Clean ; Review


Clean by Juno Dawson

Woah. I loved this book and I will express in detail exactly why, but first I need to give you all some information about possible triggers. This book is mainly about drugs and drug abuse, hard-core drug abuse. The MC goes into a rehab facility and therefore many other addictions and obsessions are also discussed in detail. I could easily create a list of possible trigger warnings as long as my arm for this book, feel free to DM on IG if you’d like to know more. Please ensure you understand the implications of reading this paticular book. If you do read it, there is nothing wrong with putting it down, having a break or not finishing it at all. Make your mental health a priority.

Now let’s discuss this amazing book. Please note (except for a serious HP addiction) I have never suffered from an addiction of any sort and therefore I consider myself to be somewhat naive on this topic. My opinions on this book could be completely different to someone who has or has had an addiction. My opinions are purely my own and are based on how much I enjoyed reading this book about Lexi’s life.

Let’s finally get down to the nitty gritty. This book is about a Russian heiress, meaning she has millions of dollars to waste. Nice for some, eh? Lexi has always been rich and privileged, and due to this and possibly the effects of absent, divorced parents she fails to see how lucky she is. Lexi spirals into a vicious circle of drug abuse. She is naive and believes she chooses to take the drugs when and where she wants, not realising that the drug controls her.

One normal night of shooting heroin up her veins ends in disaster and her brother stages an intervention as a desperate attempt to save his sister’s life. Lexi is shipped off to an all star glamourous rehab facility for the rich and famous, nothing like your local mental health clinic, this facility is secretly located on a private island and is accessorised with a swimming pool and stables.

But the drug is now in control, Lexi must fight for her life and her sanity if she wishes to return to her A-list social life and socialite status. It’s a fight for her freedom.

Clean is the story of a dirty taboo subject; addiction. Addiction is usually kept quiet. Nobody discusses treatment plans or recovery time in society. Nobody dares to admit they have a problem. Nobody confesses that they aren’t strong enough to overcome something alone. Clean is such a breath of fresh air in a world of hushed up remedies and sideways glances. Clean is brutally honest about the trials and tribulations of sacrificing the addiction to become your own person again.

Lexi must relinquish the little amount of control she has left of her life to fully immerse herself into the rehabilitation programme. Clean guides you through each step of the programme alongside Lexi.

This book is engaging, from the first page I felt as much a part of the therapy sessions and support groups as Lexi. It’s an immersive experience into the life and rehabilitation of an addict.

You might think you won’t relate with the main character due to her being an heiress, the truth is addictions don’t care if you have a penny in your bank account or a million pounds. Addiction can hit anybody, and it doesn’t have to be a drug addiction. We, as humans, can easily become addicted to many things in our lives, some are more life-threatening than others but all addictions can ruin people’s lives.

Lexi as a protagonist is fantastic, she’s determined and brutal. I loved her fiery personality and self-assurance. By the end of the book I was in awe of Lexi and the challenges she faced. She has slip ups, like we all do, she’s human.

This book is not to everyone’s tastes, please remember the warning I gave at the start of this review.

If you would like to read Clean then the book is available here. And can I just say that gold cover is beautiful, perfect for a sugar-coated taboo.

I read an ebook version of this novel through Netgalley. Any links to Book Depository used in this blog post are affiliated links, meaning any purchases made through these links provide me with a small amount of commission at no extra cost to you.


4 thoughts on “Clean ; Review”

  1. I loved this book as well!! It was so hard hitting but Juno Dawson created a world where you felt like you were with the MC being part of the story! Excellent review


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