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Fairyloot Unboxing : March 2018

Here is an unboxing of the March fairyloot. The box was Fairyloot’s 2nd anniversary box and the theme was Memorable Moments.

The box included:

》Exclusive hardcover edition of State of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury as well as an author letter, signed bookplate and postcard. The book is available in paperback here.

》A beautifully light and floaty Shadowhunter inspired scarf designed by FictionTeaDesigns. A number of different runes are printed on the scarf and it is so soft, amazing item.

》An adorable Harry Potter inspired candle made exclusively by my amazing friend Jordan a.k.a PaperFlamesCo . This candle smells delicious and has a beautiful swirl of blue wax. And the design of the label is stunning. If you haven’t heard of Jordan’s shop before please go and browse her etsy shop here. Her candles are the best candles in the UK, I might be the tiniest bit biased but it’s true!

》The Hobbit inspired soap. I haven’t opened this yet so I can’t comment on the scent but it’s a lovely useful item.

》 Game of Thrones inspired hot chocolate which is suitable for vegans too. I know a few Americans have got a little confused at the sell by date as it’s in the British format, it’s got a couple of months to go! Unfortunately I don’t drink hot chocolate but I’ve seen some very positive reviews.

》 To me, this item was disappointing to say the least. Five flags of cork bunting with a length of string and pins. You’re encouraged to paint the bunting to suit your shelves. I think I could easily pick up some bunting in a cheap craft shop, it isn’t a renowned subscription box worthy item. I would prefer something specially bookish or fandom related, especially for an anniversary box.

》 Bonus items: The Belles bookmark & pin.

》Also included was the Memorable Moments print, bookmark and booklet.

Favourite item:

Definitely the scarf, no doubt about it. The fabric is light and soft, perfect for Spring.

Least favourite item:

The bunting, I don’t see myself using it any time soon.

Marks out of 10:


❓What subscription boxes do you buy? I’m interested in trying some different ones.

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3 thoughts on “Fairyloot Unboxing : March 2018”

      1. I was lucky to be a rep for April so got a box it was really good including two newly released books, a candle and bookmarks plus a Harry Potter notebook and sticker


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