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From Twinkle, With Love ; Review

From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon

🌟🌟🌟🌟/ 5

My expectations for this book were lower than most people’s due to the fact that Sandhya Menon’s debut book When Simple Met Rishi left me feeling rather disappointed, but that’s a review for another time.

However this book, From Twinkle, With Love was such a cute, high school read. Yes it’s a young book, the characters are only sixteen, they’re deep in the middle of high school woes such as losing your best friend to someone else and first kisses. Think To All The Boys I Loved Before age wise. If you don’t enjoy reading about high school drama, this book isn’t for you.

Twinkle, such a cute name, is desperate to become a film director. But this path in life is looking rather unlikely due to the low number of current successful female, Indian film directors.

Cue the entrance of Sahil Roy, twin brother to popular boy Neil Roy a.k.a. Twinkle’s crush since forever. Now we all know where the storyline goes, it’s a cheesy high school contemporary romance. But of course, it’s not a smooth road to the end of the book.

Sahil and Twinkle embark on a mission to direct a film for an upcoming summer festival. Twinkle’s hidden agenda of leaving so called groundling status and joined the clique of feathered hats causes pressure on new relationships and friendships. It’s a personal journey of self-discovery for Twinkle, she needs to decide what is most important to her as a girl, as an aspiring director.

The format of this novel is unique and refreshingly modern. The book is written mostly in the format of letters from Twinkle to her favourite female directors as well as emails and texts by different characters.

It’s the perfect summer, light hearted read which will bring back high school memories. Let me know if you’ve read it and how many stars you’ve given it.

From Twinkle, With Love is available to buy here.

I read an ebook version of this novel through Netgalley. Any links to Book Depository used in this blog post are affiliated links, meaning any purchases made through these links provide me with a small amount of commission at no extra cost to you.


4 thoughts on “From Twinkle, With Love ; Review”

    1. I’ve read a few very negative reviews, mostly by people who loved WDMR, but I’d say if you enjoyed To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, then you’ll enjoy book. Let me know your thoughts once you’ve read it!

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