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Big Bones ; Review / YALC TBR


Big Bones by Laura Dockrill


Bluebelle a.k.a. BB a.k.a. Big Bones is urged by her nurse and by her mother to keep a food diary. Sure even BB will admit she’s overweight, but she’s happy as she is so why does she need to change? Bluebelle loves food and will not give it up for anyone. Then suddenly a tragedy in the family causes a huge adjustment to BB’s love of food and for her lifestyle.

I found it incredibly hard to connect with Bluebelle at the start of the novel, she was sarcastic, selfish and ungrateful. But I soon realised this was a defensive mechanism to guard her heart against all the comments and looks she had received whilst being overweight.

Although BB is against the very idea of keeping track of her eating habits she concedes to write in the diary. Bluebelle fills the diary with her meals, snacks, activities, conversations, crushes and much more. Before she realises it, BB has filled her diary with all her thoughts, food related or not!

Just over half way through the book, when your starting to get antsy for more action and drama, the tragedy in the family occurs and BB’s life is thrown upside down. Everything she was certain of is suddenly undecided and unsure.

The character progression in this novel is astounding. By the end of the book, I adored BB, she’s a perfectly flawed human being. She is exactly the kind of young woman that we all need to be reading about. She makes mistakes, has arguments and even has a nasty bout of diarrhoea, sounds familiar right?

The only reason this book didn’t receive a full 5 star review is because of two short but strange chapters, one of these chapters felt incredibly unnecessary, I didn’t understand how it added to the story in any way. The chapter was uncomfortable and just plain weird!

Big Bones is a fun filled novel about body image, delicious food and the 21st century lifestyle of a teen. It has the perfect amount of body positivity and self-worth. If you’re interested in picking up a copy, you can order Big Bones here.

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5 thoughts on “Big Bones ; Review / YALC TBR

  1. I’m glad you liked her by the end! It’s unusual to have a protagonist that you don’t really like at the start but in this case I guess it worked. I’ve been looking at reading some more books about body positivity so I will add this to the list, thanks for the review! Mammoth by Jill Baguchinsky is a great one (comes out in Oct), which I think you would enjoy (in case you needed a bigger tbr xD).

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    1. Her character and the meaning of her words became a lot clearer later on in the book, which is when she became more relatable to me. Ooh I’ll look into it, haha who doesn’t need more books to add to their TBR?!

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