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Ace of Shades; Review

🌟🌟🌟🌟 / 5

Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody


Enne’s mother is missing, her only hope of finding her lies in the City of Sin. Enne must leave the sanctuary of her boarding school and her reputation behind and follow her only lead.

Levi is a street Lord and the city’s best gambler, but he’s got a debt to pay. The money Enne offers him to find her mother might mean the difference between a good deal and a nasty death.

A woman living a double life, a dangerous past buried, a vicious execution game. To survive, Enne must surrender herself to a city where nobody leaves uncorrupted.

This book gave me HUGE Six of Crows vibes. A city of sin full of gambling, gangs and grime, there are a few similarities to the world of Ketterdam. However the story is completely different and is unique in its own way and deserves recognition for that.

The two main characters, Enne & Levi were a perfect partly-platonic duo.. I say partly as there was romance but it was more of a teasing romance than an actual romance. In all honesty I would have preferred a platonic duo, main characters of opposite genders are constantly pushed together in almost all YA novels. So a platonic duo would have been a refreshing read, at least there was no insta-love!

The plot was interesting and unique, a missing mother led them on a journey of secrets and mystery as well as Levi’s enemies adding tension and a deadly twist. I thoroughly enjoyed Enne’s role in the ending, that although she initially goes to Levi for help the roles are then reversed and the leading man is in need of a heroine. Girl power!

The pacing of this novel was superb, I usually find myself wanting a plot to speed up to find out all the secrets but there were so many small reveals and clues throughout this novel it kept me reading more and more. I enjoyed every second of reading it and I can not wait for the sequel!

The beautiful paperback edition is available at Book Depository here.

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