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Bare your Bookshelf Tag

I spotted this post by Sara @ The Bibliophagist and fancied giving it a go! The tag was originally created by Cait @ PaperFury.

1. Book you own but haven’t read yet

Well there’s a lot of books I own that have yet to be read, one of those is Beyond a Darkened Shore.

2. Books your friends love

My friends love the ADSOM trilogy, but I have yet to read those three books!

3. Books by an author you love

The illustrated editions of Harry Potter are my pride and joy by an author I adore!

4. Book at the bottom of your TBR

For some reason, The Raven Cycle books have been at the bottom of my TBR for about two years now! I have zero motivation to read the series.

5. Book with colour in the title

Shadow & Bone, the newest editions are so beautiful and I have the YALC signed versions!

6. Book set somewhere you’d like to visit

Can I choose Hogwarts? It’s a dream destination for most bookworms right?!

7. Most collected author

I have sixteen books by J. K. Rowling, so far..

8. Mismatched series

My twilight series is a complete shambles! Twilight & Eclipse are the standard paperbacks, New Moon is a large movie tie-in paperback and Breaking Dawn is a hardback. It looks so messy on the shelf.

9. Book you love but don’t remember well

This is true for most books I’ve read to be honest! I’ll say Six of Crows as I loved it so much but unfortunately I couldn’t explain the plot anymore!

10. How many books do you have and is your shelf everything you want it to be?

Oh my, I have no idea how many books I own. I’d say roughly around 200 to 250. And no, my shelves are not what I want at all. I’ve completely ran out of space for books! One day I’ll have a wall full of bookcases. This tag has also made me realise majority of my books are fantasy, I need to even it out with some of my favourite contemporary novels!

If you’d like to give this tag a go.. go for it! Feel free to tag me in your posts so I can read your answers!

Bookishly yours,


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