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If We’re Not Married by Thirty; Review

🌟🌟🌟🌟 / 5

If We’re Not Married by Thirty by Anna Bell


#LivingMyBestLife that’s the hashtag Lydia sees on social media, she’s newly single at 30 and desperate for a promotion at work. But, how do you live your best life?! Her family arrange a surprise holiday abroad over new year to lift her spirits.

A suspected burglar turns out to be her childhood friend Danny, a holiday romance soon follows. They remember the pact they made many years ago, if we’re not married by thirty…

An impromptu trip to Gretna Green, hilarious faux pas and cringy mothers are packed into this entertaining book.

I am loving cheesy chick lit novels at the moment. After binging on fantasy and sci-fi books I’ve been in need of a fun contemporary fix, and this novel definitely delivered.

This author has come to my attention a few times as a popular chick lit writer, her titles are fun and attention grabbing. The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to getting Even and It Started With a Tweet, both by Anna Bell, have made their way on to my TBR.

After thoroughly enjoying this one I’m hoping to read her other novels soon. The characters were full of flaws and incredibly relatable, they were clumsy, said the wrong things and made mistakes but that’s what makes us and these characters human. Contemporary novels need relatable characters to draw you into the story.

It began as a predictable in love with the boy next door type of story, but a twist or two at the end gave it some unique and redeeming qualities.

If chick lit is your genre you’re bound to enjoy the light-hearted shenanigans in this book.

This novel is only currently available as an ebook, the paperback will be released on the 27th of December. Pre-order it here.

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