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Colour Me In; Review

🌟🌟🌟 / 5

Colour Me In by Lydia Ruffles

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Arlo’s favourite past time is hanging out with his best friend Luke, building their garden and howling at the moon. But when disaster strikes, Arlo runs away. He’s trying to outrun his demons when he stumbles across Mizuki, a girl who’s running towards something, searching for an ever unreachable dream. Is running away together better than escaping alone?

The main theme of this novel is grief. Grief is a very personal experience, it effects everyone differently and everyone copes with it in their own way. I could not connect with Arlo as he dealt with his grief, his journey was spontaneous and constantly changing, and so I found it hard to follow. I found myself wondering if I’d missed an important detail somewhere along the way.

The writing, however, was utterly beautiful! I couldn’t fault the author’s writing at all, it was almost mesmerising at times. I’m definitely interested in reading another novel by Lydia Ruffles. She dealt with difficult and hard hitting topics; death, grief, mental illness, toxic masculinity, climate change, pollution, which I admire in an author.

The book is set in a foreign country to the main character, the country and various cities/towns in the book are never named. But the author’s descriptions were so vivid and detailed I could picture myself there, seeing everything Arlo was seeing!

Unfortunately, this paticular book was just not for me. I did like the meaning and importance behind the title (you’ll have to read the book to find it out)! If you enjoy slow moving, detailed story telling, this might be your next favourite read, give it a go!

I was sent a copy of this novel from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This is did not affect my review in an way.

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