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#StartOnYourShelfathon Sign Up

Hello! For the first time ever I am joining a year long readathon! In my 2020 goals I mentioned that I would like to dedicate this year to tackling the many, many unread books sitting on my own shelves rather than borrowing ALL the library books.

A few days later (through Anniek) I discovered #StartOnYourShelfathon hosted by The Quiet Pond, I’m hoping that this readathon will motivate me to read my own books.

The aim of #StartOnYourShelfathon is to read as many of your unread books as possible. You can keep track of the amount you’ve read by using the amazing star maps CW has created. All the information and resources you need are in the introduction post.

I roughly counted the amount of unread physical books I currently own, not including arcs or ebooks, and my total is at least 230 unread books! So I’m going to set myself a couple of goals to achieve along the way;

》Read between 5 & 10 of my own physical books a month.

》Read two e-arcs a month. (My Netgalley TBR is slightly out of control as well!)

》Aim to read half of my unread books this year.

》Unhaul any books I don’t enjoy.

》Purchase a maximum of four books a month, any purchases count towards my total of unread books unless I read an arc or early copy.

I included nine unread books I own in my January TBR so I won’t make a separate TBR for this readathon. I’ll try listing about ten of my own unread books in each of my monthly TBR posts.

I’m very excited to see how much progress I make with this readathon, fingers crossed I manage to achieve a few of my goals.

Bookishly yours,


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