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Blackheart Knights Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Blackheart Knights by Laure Eve

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Cover image of Blackheart Knights by Laure Eve.

Power always wins. Imagine Camelot but in Gotham: a city where knights are the celebrities of the day, riding on motorbikes instead of horses and competing in televised fights for fame and money.
Imagine a city where a young, magic-touched bastard astonishes everyone by becoming king – albeit with extreme reluctance – and a girl with a secret past trains to become a knight for the sole purpose of vengeance.
Imagine a city where magic is illegal but everywhere, in its underground bars, its back-alley soothsayers – and in the people who have to hide what they are for fear of being tattooed and persecuted.
Imagine a city where electricity is money, power the only game worth playing, and violence the most fervently worshipped religion.
Welcome to a dark, chaotic, alluring place with a tumultuous history, where dreams come true if you want them hard enough – and are prepared to do some very, very bad things to get them . . .

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Blackheart Knights is a fun, gritty and imaginative twist on an Arthurian legend, it’s an urban fantasy retelling where knights ride bikes rather than horses and compete in gruesome fights in an attempt to win money and fame. I haven’t read anything like Blackheart Knights previously and I don’t think I ever will again, it’s a very unique contemporary take on a well loved tale.

I love novels that dip in and out of timelines that eventually converge towards the end of the story, Blackheart Knights is split between Red’s timeline starting from a year ago and leading to the present day and Art’s storyline which begins nineteen years ago which also leads up to present day too. The story leaves you completely clueless as to how Red and Art’s storylines will cross, although as this is a retelling you might be able to piece together the ending.

Laura Eve has created an immersive experience written in beautiful prose, with brilliant, likeable characters. I loved the exploration of friendships and relationships within the story as well as the detailed training and magic system. If you’re looking for a unique and out of the ordinary reading experience, then I would definitely recommend Blackheart Knights!

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