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What Planet Can I Blame This On? Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What Planet Can I Blame This On? by Ellie Pilcher

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It’s Krystal’s 29th birthday. This year:
> Her boyfriend finally proposed after six years of dating (only for her to find out he cheated on her for five and a half of them)
> She landed her dream job as a writer at Craze magazine (which swiftly fell into administration)
> She moved into her dream flat overlooking the city (just for the pipes to explode making the place unliveable)
As she mourns everything wrong in her life, her best friend mutters the dreaded words: Saturn Return. The time in a woman’s life where Saturn returns to the position it was in on the day of their birth, 29.5 years ago, and, according to legend, everything goes to shit. Krystal has never bought into astrology but maybe it’s time to re-evaluate – because if the stars got her into this mess, they can get her out of it. And she only has six months to make things right.
Loaded with crystals, horoscopes, tarot cards and a carefully aligned chakra or two, Krystal’s determined to have her life back on track by the time Saturn returns. No longer shall she brand herself a ‘human disaster’ because this time it’s not her fault, it’s written in the treacherous stars.

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What Planet Can I Blame This On is a hilarious and light-hearted debut novel that will be painfully relatable to any young woman in her mid to late 20’s! Krystal thought she had it all, her dream job, an engagement ring from her boyfriend of six years, a beautiful home, the perfect life… until everything fell apart within a couple of days. Krystal our main character, was brilliantly written, she was witty, sarcastic and completely likeable. The writing was engaging and instantly compelling from the very first chapter.

Astrology is the main focus of this novel as one of Krystal’s friends suggests that Saturn Returns is the reason behind all of Krystal’s recent misfortune, so if the stars got her into this mess, surely they can also help her out of it! I loved this take on astrology and learning alongside Krystal about the legend of Saturn Returns, I’ve always taken a vague interest in my horoscope when I see it in the paper or online but I’ve never delved deeper into astrology. However considering my own Saturn Returns is in only 1.5 years, I might start taking more of an interest!

Ellie Pilcher’s debut is a fantastic story delving into the depths of astrology as a tool to finding yourself and figuring out what you want in life, it’s an unapologetic take on restarting your life in your late twenties surrounded by strong female friendships. I really enjoyed this debut and I can’t wait to read what Ellie Pilcher writes next!

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Here’s a Taurus horoscope for myself for today, there’s definitely parts that could be referring to an exciting change in my life soon!

Tuesday’s skies work to wake you from yesterday’s slumber, Taurus. The moon spends the first part of the day roaming through your sign and forming a supportive connection with self-motivated Mars. This aspect is ideal for any endeavour that puts you in the spotlight or requires strong communication skills. Later, Luna dips into giddy Gemini, helping you foster a fresh connection with your talents.

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