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#PrideLibrary19; Pride Flag Book Tag

Day twenty three of #PrideLibrary19 was #SockSunday so I wore my very bright rainbow socks for the photo I posted on Instagram; I thought on my blog I'd have a go at the Pride Flag Book Tag! If you feel like participating, please do! And feel free to tag me so I can find your… Continue reading #PrideLibrary19; Pride Flag Book Tag

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Bare your Bookshelf Tag

I spotted this post by Sara @ The Bibliophagist and fancied giving it a go! The tag was originally created by Cait @ PaperFury. 1. Book you own but haven't read yet Well there's a lot of books I own that have yet to be read, one of those is Beyond a Darkened Shore. 2.… Continue reading Bare your Bookshelf Tag