First Impression Friday · Young Adult

#PrideLibrary19; First Impression Friday

Last year a very popular blue LGBTQ+ book was published, or at least the UK cover is blue! Of course, I'm talking about Jack of Hearts (and other parts) by L. C. Rosen, it is an own voices novel. It's taken me a while but I have finally got around to reading it, so I'm… Continue reading #PrideLibrary19; First Impression Friday

First Impression Friday

First Impression Friday; What If It’s Us

First Impression Friday is a meme hosted by J. W. Martin where you talk about a book that you just started reading! Make a prediction, from your first impression do you think you'll love it or hate it? Later on, link back to your first impression and discuss your original prediction. Were you right or… Continue reading First Impression Friday; What If It’s Us