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October ’19 TBR / Spooky TBR

It's the first day of #blogtober and I am so excited for this month! Anniek & I teamed up to create thirty one blog prompts for October and I can't wait to see everybody's posts. It's not too late to join, check out the prompts in my introductory post. September Update I read seven out… Continue reading October ’19 TBR / Spooky TBR

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My Netgalley TBR 21.09.19

This series of posts regarding my Netgalley TBR is my attempt at an intervention on myself.. you'll soon see why! I can shamefully admit I've let far too many books slip onto the 'Older Than 3 Months' Shelf! I'm hoping to rectify that. In this series I'll start by listing my current Netgalley titles &… Continue reading My Netgalley TBR 21.09.19

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September ’19 TBR

August Update A slight improvement with my August TBR as I managed to read five out of the eleven books I listed and I'm currently reading a sixth! I'll hopefully at least match that total this month too. To be read: 》 Chinglish by Sue Cheung 》 City of Bones by Cassandra Clare 》 Tunnel… Continue reading September ’19 TBR

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August ’19 TBR

July Update Every month I set a TBR of eleven books and I only manage to read two! I actually read twenty-one books in total last month, they just weren't on my TBR list unfortunately. I've tried to make a list of books I am definitely going to read this time to see if I… Continue reading August ’19 TBR

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June ’19 TBR #PrideLibrary19

May Update I only managed to read two of the books on my May TBR, but I am currently reading two of the other books which I'll hopefully finish this week. To celebrate Pride month my TBR this month will focus on LGBTQ+ books, I'm also co-hosting a challenge #PrideLibrary19 with Anniek & Michelle. To… Continue reading June ’19 TBR #PrideLibrary19

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May ’19 TBR

April Update Well, April's TBR was a complete fail! Although I read fifteen books last month, only four of them were on my TBR. So a lot of the remaining books have made their way onto this month's TBR, let's hope this month is much more successful. To be read: 》 A Gentleman's Guide to… Continue reading May ’19 TBR

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#ARCAttack TBR

This month Vicky is hosting #ARCAttack as an attempt to read some of arcs that she's been sent by publishers. I've decided to join her and so this post will be my #ARCAttack TBR. I've already posted my April TBR which includes some library books and other finished copies that I hope to read this… Continue reading #ARCAttack TBR