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Netgalley Readathon Announcement

Is your Netgalley TBR overwhelming? Have you been neglecting those e-arcs and let them amount to an impossible height?!

Have no fear, Anniek and I are here… with a Netgalley readathon!

Our Netgalley TBR’s are incredibly overwhelming right now, so we’ve created an opportunity to do something about it. Join us in our weeklong Netgalley readathon, lasting from Monday April 20th to Sunday April 26th, where the goal is to read Netgalley titles exclusively for a week!

We want this to be a low-pressure readathon, so feel free to join whether you’re going to read just one book or conquer your entire TBR. Not a lot of Netgalley books on your TBR but still want to join? Read books from the “read now” section and build up your account!

To add to the fun, we’ve created some challenges to participate in as well!

》 Read a hyped book

》 Read your oldest title

》 Read your newest title

》 Read your longest title

》 Read your shortest title

》 Read an upcoming release

》 Read a book with a pretty cover

Of course there’s no need to participate in the challenges if you don’t want to, the point is for them to motivate you! And you can combine challenges, so you don’t have to read 7 books if that won’t work for you.

Are you going to participate? Share your TBRs, progress and wrap-ups using #NetgalleyLibrary, and have fun!

We’ll both be posting regularly on our bookstagrams about our progress, follow us to stay updated:



Let me know in the comments if you plan on joining us!

Bookishly yours,


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